Agile is developing state-of-the-art clinic in Gardena as a center of innovation in occupational medicine

Gardena, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) – Agile Occupational Medicine’s clinic in Gardena CA is going to be a new center of innovation focusing on speeding up patient recovery through an aggressive approach to clinic operations and customer support.

As part of their upgrades to the clinic, clinic manager Lorie Aldeguer announced today the acquisition of a new state of the art digital x-ray system.

This is one of several upgrades this location is undergoing as they transform the clinic from a traditional occupational medicine practice to the new innovation center, which include pilot programs for innovations in patient management, clinic operations, and claims integration.

"We are excited to leverage our two founders combination of 20-years of innovation in workers comp with 20 years of clinical expertise in occupational medicine" said Aldeguer.