Flu Shots

Customizable influenza Solutions for Employers

As the fall influenza season rapidly approaches, it's the ideal time to discover how Agile can keep your employees in good health. We specialize in providing comprehensive and customizable vaccination solutions tailored for employers.




Preventing the flu is more important than ever before, and Agile is here to help. To address the seasonal flu, we can coordinate an on-site flu clinic that will give your employees peace of mind and confidence that your company is covered during the flu season.


The benefits of offering influenza vaccinations at work and on-site are numerous: easy access, zero time lost, and a fast visit with a provider, just steps away from an employee's work station.


Flu season spans eight months (October-May) and an employee who comes down with the flu will miss an average of three days of work and can decrease company productivity and efficiency while increasing your healthcare costs. Influenza is responsible for over 30 million outpatient visits each year, thousands of hospitalizations and more than $100 billion in economic burden.


We pay exacting attention to detail in providing you the best possible customer service, and our flu vaccination clinics are easy to schedule, easy to promote, and easy to implement.


Agile offers a wide range of vaccine options.  We currently have the 2023 Flu vaccine in stock and are happy to support you and your teams in helping keep our communities healthy.  


  • Walk in welcome
  • On site employer events available


Please visit your local Agile clinic today or call one of our customer engagement reps today at 833.373.3430 or click below.

Flu Shot Frequesntly asked questions


What type of vaccine is offered?

Agile offers the influenza quadrivalent vaccine which contains two each of influenza A and influenza B viruses, that will protect your employees against four different flu viruses.


What are the benefits of an on-site program?

The fight against the flu is one of the few preventive medical measures in which an employer can support. The low cost of vaccination and easy accessibility makes it a perfect target for employers looking to maintain a healthy business. Unlike other diseases or health risks that might affect an employee, the flu is preventable and predictable.


Let Agile develop an onsite flu shot program for your employees.

Contact Agile today for a no-obligation, free quote on setting up a an onsite flu shot program for your company. Our clinical team will review your requirements, make recomendations and present you with options to ensure your employees are properly protected.