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Injury First Aid

Complete medical care

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Urgent Care

Fast, high-quality care for

non life-threatening injuries

Employee Screening

Pre-employment, drug

& alcohol testing on-demand

HazMat Testing

Screening and monitoring

for compliance and exposure

Physical Therapy

In-clinic therapy for faster

recovery and return to work 

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24/7 Telemedicine
Urgent Care
Physical Therapy
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24/7 Telemedicine
Urgent Care
Physical Therapy

The Agile approach:

Getting injured workers
back to work fast


Agile is trusted by employers for quality care and professional treatment for injured workers that features aggressive case management to drive timely return to work.

Agile's Core Services

Workers' Comp

We Connect with the patient with an emphasis on making sure they feel heard, understand their injury, and have clear expectations of the treatment and recovery process.

Injury First Aid

Our team understands the need to keep first aid contained to first aid. We partner with employers to make sure simple, non reportable claims are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Urgent Care

We diagnose and treat non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries without the wait and cost of an emergency room visit. From coughs/colds to sprains/strains, we provide care when you need it.

Employee Screening

All of our employment physicals meet ADA and EEOC requirements and may vary depending on specific job requirements. We perform a variety of tests, including DOT physicals and drug testing.

DOT Physicals

We are a reliable and affordable solution for your DOT physical needs. As our focus in transportation, we are fast and affordable because we know truckers can’t afford to waste time or money.

HazMat Testing

Our doctors specialize in work place exposures for Hazardous Materials in the oil industry. We provide full screening and monitoring services for routine compliance and exposure events.

Physical Therapy

Our in-house PT helps injured workers return to work quickly and safely. We take a hands-on approach to manual therapy, mobility progression, and ongoing patient treatment.


Our in-clinic (select locations) Chiropractic
offer treatments that provide restorative,
pain-relieving, healing for injuries and
chronic conditions.


Our in-clinic (select locations) Acupuncture
that is a safe and effective way to improve a patient’s functional capacity and reduce “flare-ups” of pain and dysfunction.

Do your employees need an occupational medicine plan?

Contact one of our occupational specialists today to set up a custom, comprehensive  care  program for your company to keep your employees healthy and safe.